Dear reader,

For all of you who have offered me encouragement and motivation, it is now your turn to write a few words to me. I would be so happy to hear from you and, eventually, be inspired by your delightful anecdotes. So please, do not hesitate!

Hoping to read you soon...

Excerpts from reviews

"Like Anaïs Nin's, Gray's characters are ordinary people whose erotic adventures succeed in arousing the reader with genteel but explicit descriptions of the most intimate acts."

Ingrid Phaneuf, The Montreal Gazette

"... a breezy, un-earnest candour, sizzling scenarios and an impudent disregard for political correctness... strikingly seductive"

Jim Bartley, The Globe and Mail

"An anthology of suggestive, naughty anectodes where tenderness, charming irony and sensuality joyfully enterlace."

Stanley Péan, Montreal's La Presse

"Scenarios inspired by men and women in the nineties, scenes from real life with a delightful twist and a good measure of imagination..."

Annick Charrette, Elle Québec Magazine

"... what I liked the most of her books, which are erotic and not pornographic, is that they are real, complete stories; I was always anxious to find out what would happen..."

Carmen Montessuit, Le Journal de Montréal

"Let yourself be caught under this new writer's spell, and let her show you the real taste of passion and desire!"

Femme d'Aujourd'hui Magazine

"More satin and lace than leather and whip, these stories could be about me, you, or any colleague of yours or mine..."

Femme Plus Magazine

"The reader's pleasure is not limited to the sexual pleasures he shares, in imagination, with the characters, but is also intellectual with little treasures and surprises throughout the book..."

Pierrette Roy, Sherbrooke's La Tribune

"No restraint, but no vulgarity either in those little stories. Words carefully chosen to titillate and excite without being crude... My favorite story is also the most daring, The Roar of the Crowd. The conclusion to this story is just as delightful as the story itself... or rather as mischievious..."

Michel Gauthier, Ottawa's Le Droit

"Characters truer than life, told in a way that resembles that of a mischievious friend telling her latest adventures..."

Guylaine Rondeau, Voir

"Marie Gray blends humor and eroticism in her little stories which are naughty, voluptuous and always sensuous"

Martin Francoeur, Le Nouvelliste

Last update: Tuesday, February 11, 2003